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Who we helped

In 2017, Abbott acquired St. Jude Medical’s best-in-class cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) technologies, MultiPoint™ Pacing and SyncAV™ CRT. While this acquisition should have secured their leadership in the CRT space, overcomplicated sales materials failed to explain how the two products improved patient outcomes. In 2018, Abbott asked StoneArch to relaunch MPP™ and SyncAV™ CRT together under the global Abbott brand.

What we did

While the products’ strong clinical outcomes made them well suited to be competitively marketed as superior, we knew that their complex, data-rich story demanded a thoughtful messaging strategy. With this insight, we told a simple, yet compelling story focused on clinical evidence—the “Activate: The Next Level of CRT” campaign, brought to life through a global, integrated launch.

Why it worked

Harnessing the power of digital, we married bold creative—including QRS animations and 3D heart renderings—that pushed the envelope on Abbott’s lifestyle-focused brand and made a real impression.

How it succeeded

62.5% increase
in physicians’ use of SyncAV™ CRT technology within 3 months of launch

“StoneArch delivered exactly what they promised with dedication and mindshare that led not only to a direct and measurable impact on the business side of things, but created a positive perception change both internally and externally as it related to our #NextLevelCRT portfolio. ”
-Michael J. Ahrens, Product Manager, CRM Marketing, Abbott

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