Design experts from StoneArch will spend 24 hours rebranding Wiggle Your Toes, the winners of the company’s charitable campaign

Aaron Holm is excited, to say the least.

That’s because Bloomington-based Wiggle Your Toes — the nonprofit that he founded in 2008 — is about to get a facelift thanks to StoneArch and their 2014 charitable campaign.

As the winner of StoneArch’s RedEye Rebrand, Wiggle Your Toes will receive strategic rebranding from the design company which could include a new website, logo, and corresponding collateral.

“Being able to rebrand our site is going to mean the world to the community we serve,” Holm says.

That community includes anyone who has ever lost a limb. When Holm lost both his legs in an accident in 2007, he realized that resources for amputee victims are extremely limited. Wiggle Your Toes works to support victims of limb loss and the families of those victims by providing comprehensive help and aiding with recovery plans. Ultimately, the nonprofit helps amputees regain independence and mobility.

Holm says that a rebranding of their organization will help victims better navigate the Wiggle Your Toes Foundation online. Many members of the limb loss community aren’t ready to talk face to face, he says, so going online is often their first step in seeking help.

“Limb loss brings so many uncertainties,” Holm says, noting that most of the people he helps have lost a limb due to some traumatic event. “It’s an uncommon thing and there are not many resources out there. We have found that our number one resource has been our website.”

Holm and the Wiggle Your Toes board set a goal in 2013 to improve their website. So when Holm stumbled upon the Redeye Rebrand contest, he took a minute to sign up. “I didn’t think much of it at the time,” Holm says of the contest. “But low and behold, a month later, I got a phone call saying that Wiggle Your Toes was a finalist.”

By early January, Holm and Wiggle Your Toes were reaching out to everyone they knew, asking for a vote in the Redeye competition. The nonprofit used Twitter, Facebook, and email to get the word out. And it worked. On Jan. 30, StoneArch announced that Wiggle Your Toes garnered more votes than Hearts & Hands and Store To Door to win the grand prize: a 24-hour rebranding of their organization beginning Feb. 6 and ending Feb. 7.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Wiggle Your Toes for the RedEye Rebrand, and also glad we had the opportunity to help Hearts & Hands and Store To Door mobilize supporters and increase awareness of their causes,” Jessica Boden, StoneArch president, said in a statement. “The fun is just getting started.”