From feasible to feature-able: branding a concept

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Who we helped

Mayo Clinic and Delos were transforming the theoretical–a 7,500 square foot first-of-its-kind research center designed to study the real-world impact of indoor environments on human health–into a reality called the Well Living Lab. But they were struggling to attract investors and research partners with the hypothetical.

What we did

StoneArch dug into the catalyst behind the Well Living Lab–that people spend 90 percent of their time indoors–and nurtured it into a compelling brand with bright colors, clean lines and relatable imagery. We then let it blossom across both print materials and an engaging website designed to pique people’s interest.

Why it worked

Selling belief in something that doesn’t yet exist is an uphill battle–until you get the story right. We looked at the landscape of audiences involved–investor, researcher and ultimately consumer–and cultivated their curiosity with a fresh and innovative story about the potential for healthier indoor spaces.

How it succeeded

The Well Living Lab was the hot ticket for early adopters at the annual Mayo Clinic Transform Conference, and a media darling, with articles in Fast Company, Forbes and Wired.

“The Well Living Lab’s website presents future smart-home scenarios in the form of questions like, ‘What if you could lose weight by changing your office furniture?’”

-Wired Magazine

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