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We’re embarking on our fifth week of working from home. The initial frenzy and confusion of COVID-19 long gone—new routines established, patterns in the making.

“Does it even exist without us there?”

The question was raised via Slack. Had we been on Zoom or a video call, my colleague would have seen the catch in my throat; she would have witnessed my heart breaking in an unexpected way. Because “it” is our office—the space my colleague and I used to share. And in that moment, we were both fiercely missing it.

Buildings have souls—their own, or the echoes of the people passing through them. A building’s life comes from the activity and vibrancy of the people inside, from the ideas and conversations shared. Because buildings are the spaces we congregate in.

It’s where everything comes together.

We aren’t called StoneArch for nothing. The Mill City Museum is our home, and if you were there with us, on the Seventh Floor, on the side facing the river, you’d see all the bikers and runners crossing the bridge in summer. How the leaves change along the riverbanks in fall. That the Mississippi River doesn’t freeze in winter. You might even delight in seeing how quickly green buds multiply, turning into leaves in spring.

Clients love having meetings in our office—if you joined us recently, I guarantee you:

Things have obviously changed, but StoneArch continues to function. Because now, more than ever, we understand the value of the work we do. We see the daily difference the health industry makes.

It’s what we do—no matter how far apart we are.