This is a real opportunity.

Serial. Invisibilia. How I Built This. Chances are you subscribe to one (or 20) podcasts. If you don’t—it’s time to join the 40%1 of Americans who do. Grab your Bose and hop on this bandwagon: Podcasts are a great way to stay informed, intrigued and inspired. Plus, 54% of podcast listeners are age 35+,2 which means they’re likely influential decision makers with spending power.

Fast Company sums it up nicely:

“A recent survey of 300,000 podcast listeners found that 63% of people bought something a host had promoted on their show. When asked if advertising within podcasts had affected their behavior, 71% said they’d visited a sponsor’s website, while 62% said they’d considered that new product or service.”

– Fast Company

Work it.

63%3 of podcast listeners say their opinion of a company is more positive when heard on a podcast they like. That’s reason enough to start sprinkling your name in a show or start generating your own content. If the whole podcast experience still sounds like cozying up to the radiator and drinking Ovaltine à la Fireside chats, think of it this way: You can put podcasts to work for you.

Podcasts are an amazing medium for:

Slice and dice it.

Arguably, one of the best attributes of podcasting is just how lean production can be. Podcasts are a great complement or alternative to video—especially when video shoots aren’t feasible. Podcasting allows for direct, human storytelling without the production involved in a shoot. The medium integrates well with other digital marketing efforts to create a deeper, more thoughtful marketing mix. And your audience can consume it virtually anywhere.

The beat goes on.

Podcasting is already an established medium in a space that we’re particularly passionate about: health and medical. It’s clear that more and more health and medical companies are pushing themselves to create original content in the form of podcasts. Here’s a link to ours (shameless self-promotion) and a few other great examples:

If you’d like to learn more about the logistics of setting up your own podcast or need some ideas for content generation—let us know!

We’re all ears.