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Who we helped

Oticon, a world leader in hearing care, launched a new hearing technology, Oticon Opn™. In an industry known for innovation and iteration, Oticon had a new goal: build brand recognition beyond launch and make a lasting impression on the market.

What we did

Users seek hearing solutions for different reasons, but they all desire to engage more fully with life. We showed that a hearing aid can do just that by asking: What does hearing mean to you? Listen to the response:

Why it worked

Living launch to launch makes it hard for consumers to develop a deeper relationship with your brand. We cut through the noise and steadied the sound waves with a conversation about better hearing.

How it succeeded

Telly Awards

Branded Content, Fitness, Health and Wellness

“Your dedicated crew inspired me to propose a new series of articles for the American Cinematographer magazine and website that will debut in a few months. ”
-Robert Primes

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