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Who we helped

Provation Medical, global developer of software solutions that improve clinical productivity and reimbursement, wanted their sales pitch to reflect their digital savvy.

What we did

StoneArch helped Provation transition from print and PowerPoint™ to a sleek new app and iPad experience, giving prospects a simple, elegant, hands-on opportunity to interact. These efforts were further bolstered by two campaigns:

  • Capture Everything, Miss Nothing put the spotlight on ProVation® MD Cardiology Documentation Software
  • The Evidence Is In highlighted ProVation® Order Sets and ProVation® Care Plans

Why it worked

Provation Medical sales reps often had just 30 seconds to score a second meeting with a C-suite prospect. A cool digital experience helped them make a powerful first impression during that initial contact.

How it succeeded

From requests for full product demos based on an initial iPad interaction, to closing a sale, providing a digital experience has made the difference for Provation. Because once customers got their hands on the software, they were sold.

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