Launching a new brand at a national sales meeting

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Who we helped

Following Medtronic’s largest merger and a complete corporate rebrand, they turned to StoneArch to bring their new tagline, Further Together, to life at the 2016 Cardiovascular Group National Sales Meeting. We transformed the tagline into a relevant experience for their sales organization that numbered over 2,000 sales reps and managers.

What we did

StoneArch planned, produced and staged 2016 NSM, including graphic design, pre-produced an on-site video, content development, team building, curriculum support, speaker coaching and logistical execution that spanned three separate hotel properties and two city blocks.

Why it worked

Medtronic’s sales force is the primary connection to its customers. They needed to buy into a cross functional sales model. We helped them realize going Further Together was more than a catchy sales strategy or a hollow corporate platitude. We reminded them that interaction and collaboration are at the very center of the human experience.

How it succeeded

We created a sense of unity by bringing the audience as close to the presenters as possible, employing nearly 160 feet of projection surface, and wrapping every facet of the meeting around a central concept of collaboration. From a high-energy, multimedia open to consistent breakout sessions, team competitions and philanthropic activities, we maintained a spirit of collaboration right up through a raucous closing session.

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