We’re excited to share that a recent video we produced for 3M Health Care has earned three Telly awards, including a Gold for the Social Video General–Health and Wellness category.

3M’s Infection Prevention Division offers top-notch products and extensive clinical expertise in the area of surgical site infections (SSI), but attempts internally and at trade shows to raise awareness about their “Fight SSIs from every angle” initiative had failed to gain traction.

Sticking power came in the form of a pop-y superhero campaign that brought 3M’s mission to life in a fun and exciting way. By making what seemed like a huge mission, to innovate towards zero surgical site infections globally, into something as exciting and approachable as superheroes, it gave purpose to 3M marketers, empowerment to OR nurses, and a much-needed boost to infection prevention specialists.

According to creative directors Allison Shulow and Diana Saez, creating an engaging and unifying experience was key to representing 3M’s mission.

“Your tradeshow audiences and internal stakeholders might be professionals and clinicians, but ultimately, they are people who want to be excited and entertained,” Shulow said. “This is a crowded space where audiences are bombarded with messages. This campaign was a fresh, fun way to cut through the clutter and get the message to stick.”

“With a global audience and a complex topic, we had to be careful about cultural references or overly technical language to make sure we were unifying rather than alienating audiences,” Saez said. “Our team loved being able to take the superhero visuals and phrases to make something serious and complicated accessible.”

The video was the centerpiece of an integrated campaign promoting 3M Health Care’s presence at multiple trade shows in the infection prevention space, and was a key part of generating excitement internally and at multiple external events.

“We’re passionate about finding new ways to differentiate our clients through this dynamic medium,” said Marcia Miller, StoneArch president and CEO. “Video has always been a strength for us, and we recently enhanced our capabilities by bringing motion design and 3D animation in-house. I’m thrilled that the Telly Awards has recognized the team’s work.”

The team behind the work includes Allison Shulow, creative director; Diana Saez, creative director and writer; Lucas Chamberlain, illustrator/video editor; Hayley Doyle, senior project manager; and Jennifer Mugnaini, vice president of account management.

See the award-winning video and case study here.