Pulling together a team to execute the creative vision of a video is something I love to do. Some video shoots are as simple as finding a quiet room that has a little character, scrounging a few props, bringing in a few lights, recording equipment, camera, plus a small crew and a producer—and you’re off and running.

For Medela, we recently set out to capture a casual conversation with seven moms and four dads just hanging out in a comfortable space, sharing their experiences about the joys and trials of breastfeeding. Sounds simple, but our goal was to create enough dynamic content to refresh Medela’s entire content library to be used across multiple channels.

We executed the shoot over the course of three 15-hour days in the studio. Instead of just one or two cameras, we needed four, plus a room big enough for four camera angles with a similar backdrop. We needed to light that room and get microphone feeds from all the moms and dads while maintaining a comfy, clean and cozy set.