We have to admit, the team at StoneArch doesn’t do great work for the awards—but when we do win them, we’re not shy about celebrating!

StoneArch was recognized by Modern Healthcare earlier this month at their Strategic Marketing Conference—taking home two golds and one bronze for 2018 client work.

Marcia Miller, StoneArch president and CEO added, “These awards are great validation that StoneArch is doing what we’ve always done: treat our clients as partners, advocate for their audiences, and trust in the power of human storytelling in this space.”

Gold: Integrated Campaign for Abbott

In 2017, Abbott acquired St. Jude Medical’s best-in-class cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) technologies, MultiPoint™ Pacing and SyncAV™ CRT.

While this acquisition should have secured Abbott’s leadership in the CRT space, sales teams struggled with the lack of a compelling message and adequate materials to explain how the two products improved patient outcomes.

A year later, Abbott asked StoneArch to relaunch MPP™ and SyncAV™ CRT together under the global Abbott brand.

While the products’ strong clinical outcomes made them well suited to be competitively marketed as superior, we knew that their complex, data-rich story demanded a thoughtful messaging strategy. With this insight, we told a simple, yet compelling story focused on clinical evidence—the “Activate: The Next Level of CRT” campaign, brought to life through a global, integrated launch.

This integrated campaign, brought to life with bold QRS animations and 3D heart renderings, drove a marked uptick in physician adoption within just the first three months of launch. Read the full case study here.

Gold: Website Campaign for AxoGen

AxoGen, the global leader in the research, development and commercialization of technologies for peripheral nerve regeneration and repair, hadn’t made any significant updates to its very investor-focused corporate website for nearly three years.

In 2018, after refining their brand look and feel, AxoGen approached StoneArch to build a new website that could help position their brand as a revolutionary force in the science of nerve repair for physicians, healthcare decision-makers and patients.

Following a full audit to the outdated site, we identified a key audience insight: overall, surgeons and patients seek something similar—safe, proven nerve repair solutions that can resolve nerve damage quickly. We also noted that while patients typically conduct education-focused searches, surgeons perform research- and results-driven searches.

With this key insight, we leveraged the AxoGen brand’s refreshed creative foundation of “kiss, smile, hug, walk, eat” and structured content and navigation in a way that could speak to both audiences.

Some key results following the first 8 months of the site launch:

Bronze: Digital Campaign for the Medela Moms’ Room launch

For over 30 years, Medela has been the trusted breast pump brand of hospitals, doctors and, most importantly, moms. But Millennial and Gen Z moms weren’t engaging with Medela’s range of products, services and clinical knowledge early enough to get the most out of their breastfeeding journeys.

In 2018, Medela asked StoneArch to develop an email campaign to connect moms with Medela before, during and after birth.

Based on our long-term partnership with Medela, we recognized how a well-crafted content strategy and digital campaign that went beyond email could fill the gap in reliable, accessible, personalized breastfeeding support. In August 2018 The Medela Moms’ Room launched, offering free stage-specific education, tools and services that empower mom to breastfeed confidently. Supported with a landing page, paid media and social, the campaign’s cornerstone was a 40-email series following mom along her major pregnancy and breastfeeding milestones.

Our work helped show mom that Medela is there for her throughout her journey—supporting her in breastfeeding how she wants, for as long as she wants.

Results for opt-in exceeded Medela’s benchmarks for the first four months:
– 20,874, 400 combined digital impressions
– 70,000+ sign-ups
– 20% email engagement rate
– 30% average email open rate (20 % above industry benchmarks)

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