StoneArch added three more Bronze Telly Awards for client work bringing the total won this year to four.

The agency work for the Minnesota Department of Public Safety (MN DPS) won two Bronze Telly awards. One recognized an online video called Urinal Cake Man. The video transformed an actor into a walking, talking urinal cake man questioning a bar patron about his ability to drive home. The online video used humor to send a serious message about DWI enforcement. Another work for MN DPS won a bronze People’s Telly for the TV spot Excuses. The 30-second spot featured several motorists stopped by a state trooper, leaning out of the car window and offering a litany of excuses to explain why they were speeding. The spot ends with an earnest plea from a speeder, “But I always go this fast.”

Also winning a Bronze Telly was the agency’s own rebrand online video. The video was part of the agency’s recent rebrand and used dramatic medical images and the message, It takes nerve to highlight StoneArch’s niche, health and medical marketing.

Earlier this year StoneArch received a Bronze Telly for 3M Health Care: Making a Difference, a corporate image piece that puts patients and healthcare professionals front and center. Using existing testimonial footage, the video highlights innovations that improve the quality of health for people around the world.

“We are always pleased to have our video work recognized especially given we began as a video production company 28 years ago. Winning four Tellys this year is a testament to the great strategic and creative talent we have on staff,” said Jessica Boden, president of StoneArch. “In addition to honoring the work itself, these awards demonstrate the type of successful partnerships we have with our clients.”