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Who we helped

3M Health Care had a messaging problem. After failed internal attempts to gain traction and excitement around their efforts to fight surgical site infections, 3M asked StoneArch to come up with a fresh new way to engage and excite both internal and external audiences about their Surgical Safety Solutions division.

What we did

Staying power came in the form of a fun, pop-y superhero trade show campaign that took 3M’s mission to apply science to life into an unexpected direction.

By making what seemed like a huge mission—to innovate toward zero surgical site infections globally—into something as exciting and approachable as superheroes, it gave purpose to 3M employees, empowerment to OR nurses and a much-needed boost to infection prevention experts.

Why it worked

Enthusiasm for the campaign extended into an immersive experience at International Infection Prevention Week. We took illustrations, messaging and video, and developed a plan to keep OR nurses and infection prevention experts engaged on social before, during and after the trade show—maximizing content and delivering the most successful engagement at their most important event of the year.

How it succeeded

350,000+ PR impressions

130,000+ social media impressions

500+ qualified leads

71% increase in leads year over year

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