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Who we helped

Breast cancer can leave survivors and previvors with more than scars. For many women who undergo a mastectomy or breast reconstruction procedure, their lives are changed by a partial or total loss of sensation in their chests. Axogen, the market leader in peripheral nerve regeneration and repair, offered a groundbreaking surgical technique capable of helping these women feel normal again: Resensation®.

The only problem? Their target audiences—breast cancer patients, survivors and those at risk—had no idea. Axogen tasked StoneArch with auditing their strategy, refreshing Resensation’s look and feel, and revitalizing their campaign to ultimately connect survivors with the trained surgeons who could help them feel like themselves again.

What we did

We identified that Resensation’s brand strategy, voice and experience focused on physicians instead of the real audience: patients. Taking the patient perspective, we saw Resensation’s opportunity to offer authentic and approachable content that patients could trust when facing difficult choices along their breast cancer journey.

We established an authentic brand voice, look and feel. We created a content strategy and multichannel activation plan meant to help Resensation’s audiences navigate key junctures in their cancer journey. And ultimately, we helped Resensation reach a growing community of survivors and thrivers.

How it succeeded

500+ surgeon locator conversions in 6 months

90% increase in paid media clicks

36% increase in social media followers

60% increase in paid media impressions

Modern Healthcare Impact Award

Integrated campaign of the year



“Our partnership with StoneArch has allowed us to create a website and digital strategy that have been wildly successful in reaching our target audiences—evident in many ways, including our digital results, and most especially in a huge uptick in conversions.   ”
-Anna Lane, Senior Market Development Manager, Axogen

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