At StoneArch, we have a passion for pushing the creative limits in a regulated health care industry. We’re seeking a Video Editor who thrives in collaborative team environments, where everyone brings their skills to the table to build a vision and craft stories that make people rethink what’s possible in the health space.

To stand out, you should be a generalist, willing and able to manipulate a wide range of production media elements (video, voice-over, music, stills, graphics, sound, etc.) with expertise, good judgment and efficiency. Your reel should reflect a strong aesthetic, a varied skillset and content that has been delivered in multiple channels. On the creative team, the video editor will work with creative directors, art directors, producers, writers and designers, so strong and clear communication skills are essential.

A minimum of seven years’ experience in motion media production is required. A solid work ethic, a balanced ego and a can-do mindset are also key.

To apply, submit your resume and your reel to [email protected]